Millions of children in India live with the hope that someday someone would extend a hand and help them fulfill their dreams.

Are YOU that SPECIAL SOMEONE who will bring that change in their lives?

Extend a generous hand by simply buying photographs taken by me.

What is 30 on 30?

I turn 30 in April 2009. Completing 30 years is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated differently. Initially, I had plans of taking a month long break and travel across India. However, I'm currently in United States for work and cannot go ahead with that plan. So, I've come up with 30 on 30 - a project that will make my 30th birthday memorable for me and for anyone who participates in this project.

I live with a dream that I will bring a change in my motherland - India. The magnitude of the change is not important for me, what is important is the fact that a change should be initiated. This project gives me the confidence in the fact that I can find ways to bring a change, I can collaborate to bring a change, and I can spread enough word around that makes people think about bringing a change.

Thank You

30on30 was a huge success ! Something that I wished for and was secretly hoping for, but did not expect !!!

Will come back with a detailed post later on how the last one month was for 30on30...

The project is formally OVER now !


  1. I'm Glad the dream flourished and lived the living was wonderful to follow it up and spread the word to as many as possible..HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM,Prashant!!
    May this venture stem fuel to many more to come!!
    Keep up the great work!!1
    Deepti ^`^

  2. @ ME
    many thanks Deepti !!! really appreciate it !

    @ Pankaj

    @ Bakfire