Millions of children in India live with the hope that someday someone would extend a hand and help them fulfill their dreams.

Are YOU that SPECIAL SOMEONE who will bring that change in their lives?

Extend a generous hand by simply buying photographs taken by me.

What is 30 on 30?

I turn 30 in April 2009. Completing 30 years is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated differently. Initially, I had plans of taking a month long break and travel across India. However, I'm currently in United States for work and cannot go ahead with that plan. So, I've come up with 30 on 30 - a project that will make my 30th birthday memorable for me and for anyone who participates in this project.

I live with a dream that I will bring a change in my motherland - India. The magnitude of the change is not important for me, what is important is the fact that a change should be initiated. This project gives me the confidence in the fact that I can find ways to bring a change, I can collaborate to bring a change, and I can spread enough word around that makes people think about bringing a change.

A New Beginning !

30On30 is over !

Let me put it a bit differently... it has just started !!!

and the first month of this beginning was a huge boost to the cause ! here are some highlights :

- 30 on 30 website had over 2000 visitors in 30 days and more than 4000 page views

- 57% visitors were from India, 28% from the US, 3% from the UK, and rest from Japan, Canada, Singapore, Poland, Hongkong, UAE, and some others...

- There was also a poll on the 30on30 page which was taken by 52 people and 47 of them thought that this initiative has the potential to bring some change and 5 were not too sure

and now the most important statistics !!!!

I had thought that on my 30th birthday I would sell 30 photographs and raise Rs. 30000... Not much went as planned !!!

Through the 30 on 30 project, I managed to sell 69 prints of my pictures, and the project managed to raise Rs. 69000 !!!!

There would also be some more to this 69000 which comes from the dollar conversion, and some from the rounding off of the printing and shipping costs...

69000 !!!!

Ye !!!

30000 on 30000 on 9000 !!!!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, promoted, or wished for the success of 30On30...

and like I said, earlier, this is just the beginning!

Thank You

30on30 was a huge success ! Something that I wished for and was secretly hoping for, but did not expect !!!

Will come back with a detailed post later on how the last one month was for 30on30...

The project is formally OVER now !

30on30 Updates

The 30on30 Project got an overwhelming response from friends all around. Here are some of the highlights so far:

1. Reached the initial goal of raising Rs. 30000
2. Decided to not stop there
3. Revised the goal to Rs. 50000 and are about 5K short of it as of today
4. Even if we reach 50K we would try to continue raising some money till 30th April and do as much as possible

Thank you everyone who has participated, appreciated, purchased, promoted, and wished for the success of the project.

And like I said, its not over yet !!! There is still more than a week to go.. please do spread the word around if you have not yet done that.

Email from Dr. Aqueel Khan ( Director, ASK)

Dear Prashant,

First of all a big “THANK YOU” from me and the entire ASK family for your continued commitment and support towards ASK and Sankalp.

Secondly, I would also like to congratulate you for this beautiful and most creative initiative. Kudos to you!

On behalf of ASK, I can assure you that each and every contribution made from all your hard work will be judiciously utilized for the well being of the children in need, who are presently at the bottom of the pyramid.

Thanks you once again for your continued support,

Warm regards,


(Photo ID : 044)Title : So you are God, Eh!

This is from a trip to Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India. The day was Ganesh Chaturthi, with Ganesh Pandals all over the small coastal town of Pondicherry. I spent a few hours at this pandal looking at the arrangements being done and people coming and enjoying a view of the 20ft high Ganesh Murti... This lady spent a few minutes in this pose as if she was questioning God....

(Photo ID : 045)Title : Janeyu

This was taken at the Brahm Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. Some of the reasons why I really like this picture is the body language, the skin color and tones, the clarity of the holy thread (Janeyu) and the deep red wall that made a nice background for the image.

(Photo ID : 043)Title : Falling in Love

(Photo ID : 042)Title : Visitor

(Photo ID : 041)Title : From the shadows

(Photo ID : 040)Title : Generations

(Photo ID : 039)Title : Freedom

(Photo ID : 038)Title : Together

(Photo ID : 037)Title : A bowl of mixed feelings

(Photo ID : 036)Title : State of Mind

(Photo ID : 035)Title : Light Travel

(Photo ID : 034)Title : Options

(Photo ID : 033)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 032)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 031)Title : To Shoe with love

(Photo ID : 030)Title : Faith

(Photo ID : 029)Title : CityScapes

(Photo ID : 028)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 027)Title : Wheels of Steels

(Photo ID : 026)Title : Lomond Shores, Scotland

(Photo ID : 025)Title : Dance like no one is watching

(Photo ID : 024)Title : Visitors to the flower market

(Photo ID : 023)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 022)Title : Ladybird

(Photo ID : 021)Title : Keepers of Peace

(Photo ID : 020)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 019)Title : Live Love Laugh

(Photo ID : 018)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 017)Title : Edinburgh National Monument

(Photo ID : 016)Title : Tube Station

(Photo ID : 015)Title : Sears X 3

(Photo ID : 014)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 013)Title : The door to spaces

(Photo ID : 012)Titled : Milwaukee Arts Museum

(Photo ID : 011)Titled : Dive

(Photo ID : 010)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 009)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 008)Title : Untitled

(Photo ID : 007)Title : Peace

(Photo ID : 006)Title : Mystery Unfolds

(Photo ID : 005)Title : The Sun

(Photo ID : 004)Title : Go Green, nature is calling !

(Photo ID : 003)Title : Bunches

(Photo ID : 002)Title : Simplicity

(Photo ID : 001)Title : Speak softly, if you like to be heard